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Ready to automate up to 80% of the day-to-day?

Our dynamic duo of HR know-how and smart technology delivers up to 80% of your HR needs, automating tedious tasks that sap away your time.

We make sure you’re compliant with access to the best know-how in the industry, freeing you and your business to thrive. Bye-bye the boring for better HR. 

  • Designed for SMEs with 50-250 employees
  • Bespoke Plans and Pricing
  • Hassle-free onboarding

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Smarter Software
for HR Pioneers

Our intelligent HR Management System has everything you need to get your HR ducks in a row. You’ll be looking after everyone more effectively, more efficiently and with a standard of compliance that’s second to none. And you’ll have a tonne of extra time on your hands with new, slimmed-down processes that manage everything you need to cover all employees.

Employment profiles, smart documentation, performance tracking and application management; no matter what it is, we’ve got you covered.

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Check Out Our Big Brainboxes

"What makes HR Duo different from the rest?" we hear you cry. Well, we take our smarter software and pair it with some of the juiciest HR brains around, giving you the backup and reassurance you need, all while upping productivity and slashing costs.

Not bad, eh? It’s this unique mix of technology and specialist knowledge of all things HR that makes us the best solution for you and your company. You’ll get all the help you need with onboarding support, dynamic documentation, policy management, changes in law updates and employee assistance, all included and all forever.

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