HR Support for SMEs

You are busy running your business. It’s growing and so is your team. You’ve got to the stage where you know you need HR support. But what type of support is the question? There are so many competing demands: you need help with recruiting, perhaps with managing performance or designing compensation plans. There may be the occasional people challenge that raises its head an you’re not sure how to deal with that.

Discover how HR Duo’s Total HR Support can work for you

All your HR needs met

How do HR Duo support SMEs?

HR Duo do everything you would expect from a full HR Department in a large multi-national. The difference of course, is that we do it for you. So, no matter what the issue we are there when needed, with the specialist knowledge and experience.

Your dedicated HR Manager

Pro-active HR Support

Imagine having a dedicated HR Manager, available to you on demand. Imagine they were pro-active, taking ownership of your HR challenges and ensuring they get resolved. Imagine no more. That’s the HR Duo service. Dedicated (in both senses of the word) HR Managers for your business.

Large enterprises employ a team of specialists in multiple HR fields for a reason. There are simply too many disciplines in HR today for one person to know everything. Knowing legislation and being compliant is totally different to understanding how to recruit and onboard a new hire. How can you expect the same person to be a performance management expert as well? HR duo deliver that team to SMEs – at a fraction of the cost of employing someone.

Regardless of the size or turnover of the business,  Business Owners must ensure that employees receive all Employment Rights, while at the same time ensuring that the Company is entirely up-to-date where Employment Law is concerned.   The last thing a Business Owner or Manager needs is to have to engage with the Workplace Relations Commission’s adjudication services.

HR Software will record and maintain employee information, automate and support HR related tasks and assist with the compliance records that are required in different jurisdictions. It is also the framework that guides how things are done in a business.