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Statutory Sick Pay and Minimum Wage Adjustments in Ireland (ROI)

As we dive into the New Year, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the game with the latest updates impacting your workforce. Let’s break down the key changes that have come into effect in the Republic of Ireland this January that will shape your HR strategy. 

Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) Boost 🌡

The Statutory Sick Pay Scheme (SSP) has increased to 5 days of paid sick leave in a 12-month period, up from the previous 3 days.  

  • Employees with 13 weeks of service, providing a medical certification from an Irish registered GP, are eligible for five days of paid sick leave.
  • Eligible employees will receive payment at a rate of 70% of their normal wage, subject to a daily threshold of €110.00.
  • For any other sick leave not covered by SSP, where an employee is insured under the Social Welfare Acts, the employee should apply for Illness Benefit.

Where an employer already has a Company Sick Pay Scheme, you must ensure it is equal to or more favourable than the statutory Sick Pay Scheme. If your in-house scheme matches up, you won't be obligated to adhere to the statutory sick pay rules.  In determining your scheme you must consider the following:

  • Period of service required
  • Number of waiting days
  • Number of sick days paid
  • Amount of sick pay
  • The reference period of the Sick Leave Scheme

Ensure your Sick Leave policy is updated and communicated to employees.

National Minimum Wage Uplift 📈

The National Minimum Wage (NMW) has also increased from €11.30 to €12.70 per hour for adults 20 years of age and a percentage applied to anyone under the age of 20.

Age Amount % of NMW
20 years and older €12.70 100%
19 years old €11.43 90%
18 years old €10.16 80%
Under 18 years €8.89 70%


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