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Empower your healthcare organisation with HR Duo, the premier workforce management platform tailored to the unique needs of the healthcare industry.

From care homes to private health practices, HR Duo simplifies the way you manage your staff, ensuring seamless operations and exceptional care.
HR Duo Healthcare



The only all-in-one solution you need to efficiently manage your healthcare workforce. HR Duo combines advanced HR tools with streamlined workforce management software to meet the demands of your healthcare environment.

Innovative Shift Scheduling

Adaptable scheduling tools designed for the healthcare sector, from nursing shifts to administrative roles, minimise operational inefficiencies and ensure optimal staffing levels.

Mobile Access for Healthcare Teams

Our mobile-friendly solutions cater to healthcare staff on the go, providing accessibility and real-time communication across different shifts and locations, ensuring everyone is connected and informed.

Real-Time Updates

Stay ahead with real-time updates on shift changes, employee requests, and coverage needs, minimising disruptions and ensuring smooth patient care operations.

Comprehensive Compliance Management

Address healthcare-specific compliance requirements, including health and safety policies, seamlessly integrated into your HR processes, keeping your organisation compliant and reducing risks.

Accurate Time Tracking

Gain visibility into employee hours, breaks, and overtime to ensure precise payroll processing and compliance with employment laws, protecting your organisation from potential issues.

Prioritising Employee Well-being

Place employee well-being at the forefront with assistance programs designed to create a supportive work environment, enhancing employee satisfaction and retention in a demanding industry.

Efficiency Gains and Reducing Turnover

HR Duo's streamlined workforce management results in significant efficiency gains, reducing compliance-related risks and enhancing employee satisfaction, ultimately lowering turnover rates.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Use robust reporting and analytics tools to make data-driven decisions for optimised HR planning and performance analysis, ensuring your healthcare facility operates at peak efficiency.

Managing Staffing Fluctuations

Combine our powerful applicant tracking system (ATS) with adaptive employee schedules to manage staffing fluctuations, ensuring your facility remains well-staffed during peak periods.

Expert HR Support for Your Healthcare Facility

HR Duo provides expert HR support, acting as your virtual HR department. We resolve queries and offer guidance even if you don’t have an in-house HR manager, ensuring your facility runs smoothly.

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Plans & Pricing

We offer game-changing plans tailored to your specific requirements. You'll only pay for the features you need, ensuring you get the most value out of our platform.


A standard with any subscription - People Navigator provides all the HR tools you need to manage your workforce efficiently. 

  • Time Off & Leave Management
  • Document Storage
  • Employee Assistance Programme
  • Employee Profiles
  • Analytics & Reports
  • HR Content Hub
  • Model HR Policies
  • Smart Contracts with E-Signatures
  • Mobile App
  • Skills Register
  • Connected HR Forms
  • Equipment Management
  • Permission Groups
  • Staff Holiday Management
  • Employee Self-Service (ESS)
  • Benefit Recording
  • Instant Messaging
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Organisation Charts
  • HR Tasks
  • Knowledge Centre
  • Platform Support
  • Show MoreShow Less


Transform your HR operations by upgrading to People Navigator Pro, providing your business with a complete HR tech stack.

  • All People Navigator Features
  • Applicant Tracking System
  • HR Support Tickets
  • Customisable HR Letters
  • Performance Management
  • 360 Reviews
  • 1-to-1s
  • Performance Improvement Plans
  • Staff Surveys (Coming Soon)

Stress-free HR'ing

In the absence of an in-house HR manager, HR Duo acts as your virtual HR department.

Our intuitive platform provides comprehensive workforce management tools, HR compliance features, and expert support, ensuring your healthcare operations run seamlessly without the need for dedicated HR personnel.


Efficient Shift Scheduling


Comprehensive Compliance Management


Mobile-Friendly Workforce Management


Employee Assistance Programs


Optimised Rota Planning


Seamless Employee Onboarding


Industry-focused HR Expertise


Accurate Time Tracking

HR Duo Workforce Management Software Shift Scheduling

HR Duo's Prescription for Healthcare Staff Success

With HR Duo, healthcare providers can streamline their workforce management processes, reduce administrative burdens, and focus on delivering exceptional patient care.

Our platform is designed to automate processes and assist healthcare facilities in sourcing the right talent, refining shift schedules, monitoring time usage, and enhancing the overall well-being of every employee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a round-up of some of the questions we've been asked by healthcare practitioners, managers, shop owners and shift supervisors looking at making the move to an HR and Workforce Management tool like ours.

What specific features does HR Duo offer for healthcare organisations?

HR Duo provides comprehensive workforce management tools tailored for healthcare, including efficient shift scheduling, mobile-friendly access for on-the-go staff, robust compliance management, accurate time tracking, and employee well-being programs. 

How does HR Duo help with compliance in the healthcare sector?

HR Duo integrates healthcare-specific compliance requirements into its platform, including health and safety policies and regulatory standards. This ensures that your organisation meets industry regulations seamlessly.

Can HR Duo handle the complexities of healthcare staff scheduling?

Yes, absolutely.

HR Duo offers advanced scheduling tools that cater to the dynamic nature of healthcare staffing, from nursing shifts to administrative roles, ensuring optimal staffing levels and operational efficiency.

How does HR Duo support employee well-being in healthcare settings?

HR Duo prioritises employee well-being with dedicated assistance programs and resources designed to create a supportive work environment.

This includes tools for managing employee health benefits and promoting work-life balance.

Is HR Duo suitable for managing both larger hospitals and smaller healthcare facilities?

Yes, HR Duo is scalable and adaptable, making it suitable for managing workforce operations in both large hospital settings and smaller healthcare facilities, offering tailored solutions to meet specific organisational needs.

How does HR Duo help reduce turnover in healthcare organisations?

By optimising workforce management processes, providing accurate time tracking, and enhancing employee satisfaction through well-being programs, HR Duo helps reduce turnover rates in healthcare organisations.

What kind of analytics and reporting does HR Duo offer for healthcare management?

HR Duo provides robust analytics and reporting tools that offer insights into workforce metrics, performance analysis, and compliance tracking, empowering data-driven decision-making for healthcare management.

How do I get started with HR Duo?

Getting started is easy. Simply request a free demo here. Don't forget to explore our features and choose the plan that suits your business needs.

Don't worry though, our team is here to assist you in making the most of your HR management experience. If you have more specific questions or need additional information, please don't hesitate to contact us. 


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