Our Platform Features

Intelligent HR solutions for
modern workplaces.


Generate documents, streamline
admin tasks and automate
employment processes.


Streamline the onboarding
process with digital tools and
automated new hire e-documents.


Manage time, scheduling,
pre payroll, remote working and leave
whether it’s on-site, or remote.


Get always-on, expert guidance
through our built-in Know-how, ensuring
quality and ongoing engagement.


Performance tracking, learning
management, and staff
development solutions.


Analytics and reporting of
activities to support decision
making and optimise performance.

Our Platform

Double your HR Team

Our platform brings specialists and systems together to
double your tools. Focus on your people while we handle the rest.
From onboarding to exits, we've got you covered.

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One platform for
the full employment

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Get in touch today to see how our straightforward monthly subscriptions can offer you a comprehensive solution for all your HR needs. We’ve built our solutions specially for SMEs, with affordable, sensible pricing to match.

We shape our service around your business, understanding that companies need an agreement that’s as agile and flexible as they are. So, rather than a long legal document, we rely on our clients staying with us for our consistently satisfying service.

What’s included? Everything you will need to deliver quality HR in your business.


  • Full featured ATS

  • Post to Job Boards

  • Share documents

  • Interview scheduling

  • Pre-employment portal


  • Smart Documents

  • Online contracts

  • One-click employee profile creation

  • Embedded policies created by HR Duo

  • Custom workflows

  • E-signatures


  • Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

  • Surveys & polls

  • Direct communication

  • Probation management

  • Employee self service

  • AI guidance


  • Every leave type

  • Custom workflows

  • Decision-making support

  • Remote Working

  • Time and attendance

  • Full-featured rosters

  • Pre-payroll


  • Performance management

  • Learning Management System

  • Qualification management

  • Benefits management

  • Reporting and analytics

Employment events

  • Custom documents and templates

  • Integrated knowledge centre

  • Employee Relations Know-how

  • Inbuilt, automated processes

  • Compliance procedures

  • Exit management