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Why HR is hot right now – and will be for some time to come!

HR Duo has been named in a list of the hottest start-ups to look out for in 2023 alongside some incredibly innovative and interesting enterprises.

While there are a few exceptions, many who have made it onto the illustrious line-up by Think Business are from the tech sector, further demonstrating how firmly embedded the digital economy is in our future.

Whether it’s biotech, medtech, fintech or even beekeeping(!), the tech revolution is sweeping across all sectors and industries, transforming processes and systems to keep up with the pace of the modern world – and the demands of the people living in it.

And HR is no different. While it may have taken longer to catch up than other sectors, businesses of all sizes are now starting to switch on to the ground-breaking and profound effect emerging technologies can have on their operations. It’s not just about taking advantage of benefits to grow to the next level, these technologies are now crucial to the mere survival of a lot of firms as they look to adapt to the demands of a modern society, and a modern workforce.

As a company, HR Duo has grown significantly in the short time since it started, which is indicative of just how desperately SMEs need our solution and also how easy it is to get going with it. So it was great to be included on the 100 hottest start-ups list and to be recognised as ‘ones to watch in 2023’ – and it’s fair to say we do have a lot to look out for this year.

Our inclusion on the list got us thinking about how and why HR Duo was born and the journey we’ve been on so far to create the revolutionary technology that is enabling businesses to effectively double the capacity of their HR teams.

Delivering up to 80% of HR requirements

HR Duo was founded by Jerome Forde who passionately believed that HR as a profession was behind the rest of the workplace in adopting and applying new technology. And that means going far beyond just paying for a new central management system or plugging in a piece of software. It’s about ensuring that tech is used to its full potential throughout the core of a business to provide data and insight, improve efficiency, productivity, decision-making, recruitment and retention. And all this while reducing costs.

The revolutionary HR Duo solution was built by HR experts, to combine smart technology with HR know-how to deliver up to 80% of the requirements of an HR department, but without human intervention.

Policies and processes are designed, written and automated into tailored platforms for a complete HR solution that enables HR practitioners to focus on the areas of strategy and support that require the most attention.

As challenges facing HR teams continue to grow – think about issues around cost-of-living, rising costs, greater expectations from modern workforces on flexibility and work/life balance, recruitment and retention and managing remote/hybrid teams – so too does demand for an all-encompassing, easy-to-use and affordable solution.

Solving HR challenges for a diverse range of businesses

In providing that solution successfully for companies across Europe, HR Duo continues to grow. We now have more than 60 team members across Ireland, the UK and Romania, with multi-million-pound plans for further expansion. These plans are backed by €4.5m in funding from investors including Puma Private Equity in London, which will support the development of new products and growth into new markets.

Our solution is helping a diverse range of customers including in the retail, hospitality and medical device sectors, and is particularly beneficial for SMEs with 50 to 1,000 employees. We automate up to 80% of the day-to-day, make sure businesses are compliant and provide access to the best know-how in the industry.

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