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Pedalling Towards Workforce Performance Perfection

Learn how HR Duo empowered Frontline Make Change, a multifaceted organisation with a social enterprise arm, to revolutionise their HR and workforce management processes.

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Frontline Make Change

Frontline Make Change offers addiction information and support to individuals and families, while its social enterprise, Frontline Bikes, provides training and employment opportunities for individuals with backgrounds of imprisonment, addiction, or long-term unemployment.

Frontline Make Change stands as a beacon of hope in communities grappling with addiction and unemployment challenges. Founded on the belief that every individual deserves a chance at recovery and meaningful employment, Frontline offers a sanctuary of support and opportunity.

With a compassionate approach and a commitment to confidentiality, Frontline provides vital addiction information and assistance to individuals and families navigating the complexities of substance abuse. Their dedication extends beyond mere support; Frontline's innovative social enterprise, Frontline Bikes, pioneers a transformative journey for those seeking a path out of addiction and long-term unemployment.

Through the bicycle mechanics training course offered by Frontline Bikes, individuals with backgrounds of imprisonment, addiction, or extended periods of unemployment find not just a skill but a renewed sense of purpose and belonging. 


Company Frontline Make Change
Location Ireland
Industry Social Services and Social Enterprise

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  • You're looking to grow and expand your business with compliance in mind
  • You're seeking inspiration for navigating complex HR challenges

What Was Needed

As Frontline expanded, they encountered challenges in managing their growing workforce efficiently and maintaining compliance with HR regulations. They needed streamlined processes to support their mission of facilitating recovery and employment pathways.

Frontline Make Change embarked on a journey to expand their services and reach more individuals in need of addiction support and employment opportunities. However, with growth came a set of challenges that threatened to impede their progress:

As Frontline transitioned from a small team to a larger organisation, they encountered difficulties in managing the increasing number of employees efficiently. Manual processes became cumbersome and time-consuming, leading to inefficiencies in HR management. With a focus on providing confidential services and employment opportunities, Frontline had to navigate complex regulatory requirements and compliance standards. Keeping track of evolving HR regulations and ensuring adherence to policies posed significant challenges.

Frontline's dual mission of offering addiction support and providing employment pathways required a delicate balance. They needed HR processes that could support staff development, performance management, and communication while maintaining a supportive environment for individuals in recovery.

Where We Came In

Providing a world-class HR and workforce management platform to elevate Frontline to the next level.

Recognising the unique needs and challenges of Frontline Make Change, HR Duo stepped in to provide comprehensive support tailored to their mission and objectives. We worked closely with Frontline to understand their specific requirements and challenges. By customising the platform to align with Frontline's goals, HR Duo ensured that the solution addressed their unique needs effectively.

HR Duo's centralised document management system enabled Frontline to store, organise, and access employee documents with ease. From contracts and policies to training materials, all essential documents were readily available, reducing the time spent searching for information. With HR Duo's automation capabilities, Frontline could streamline compliance processes and stay up-to-date with regulatory requirements. Automated alerts and reminders ensured that policies and procedures were regularly reviewed and updated, reducing the risk of compliance breaches.

Frontline made full use of HR Duo's performance management features to track employee progress, set goals, and provide feedback. The platform facilitated regular performance reviews and identified areas for improvement, enabling Frontline to support staff development effectively.

To support the diverse workforce across multiple locations our communication tools provided Frontline with a platform for seamless employee collaboration. From instant messaging to group discussions, employees could connect and share information effortlessly, solidifying their sense of community and teamwork.

Our Services

Frontline Make Change benefited from many of our platform features and services, including:

Workforce Management

Workforce Management Tools

A full suite of tools such as time and attendance management, shift scheduling software, and staff performance information.

Day-to-day Support

Reassurance with expert advice on employment law and workforce processes through our in-platform HR support tickets.

Mobile App

Our mobile app gives the business an intuitive way for their employees to access everything they need.

User-Friendly Interface

Empowering both line managers and staff with an intuitive platform that's easy to use and simple to navigate.

HR Compliant Templates

Access to an extensive library of policies, documents and letters to keep the business in alignment with the latest compliance standards.

“HR Duo is an intuitive, user-friendly platform that both line managers and staff can use. It doesn't give itself enough credit for how powerful it is for managing employees.”

Stuart Fraser
CEO of Frontline Make Change

The Real Value

The outcomes of using an all-in-one HR and Workforce Management platform. A service that pays for itself, many times over: 
  • realtime Increased Efficiency HR Duo's automation and centralisation features saved time and resources, allowing Frontline to focus on their core mission.
  • compliance Compliance & Cost-Saving Confidence Navigating compliance is eased with HR Duo. The partnership offers expert support for nuanced staffing decisions and dilemmas, fortifying decisions with accurate data.

    Beyond operational cost-saving advantages, HR Duo diligently prevents employment disputes and investigations, so businesses can circumvent considerable financial setbacks.
  • freedom Unleashing Growth Ambitions By optimising workforce management, boosting employee engagement and productivity, and ensuring seamless compliance and risk management, we're reshaping businesses like Frontline Make Change. Managers can finally unlock their full potential, embracing growth and innovation every step of the way.

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