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From Butcher's Block to HR Excellence

Discover how Kerrigans Butchers seamlessly integrated the art of butchery with cutting-edge HR practices to not only carve a niche as an award-winning butcher but also emerge as a pioneering employer in the industry.

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Kerrigans Butchers

Kerrigans is a renowned multi-award-winning Craft Butcher, celebrated for its commitment to delivering premium quality produce and exceptional service.

Established as one of the pioneers in the craft butchery industry, Kerrigans has set a high standard since its inception, being among the first to receive the Certified Craft Butcher standard introduced by the Association of Craft Butchers of Ireland in 2012.

Kerrigans have grown up with butcher shops in the family and are passionate about meat, food and offering their customers the best service in a friendly atmosphere. They are constantly trying to increase their knowledge of produce and food by educating themselves through culinary courses and research.

With five locations spread across Ireland, Kerrigans prides itself on its dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction.


Company Kerrigans Butchers
Location Ireland
Industry Retail & Meat Processing

Explore this case study if:
  • You have a team across different locations that requires complex shift scheduling and time-tracking
  • You’re currently running your HR processes in a paper or spreadsheet format 
  • You're looking to grow and expand your business with compliance in mind
  • You want to attract and retain the best talent to your business

What Was Needed

As Kerrigans Craft Butchers continued to grow and evolve, they encountered various challenges in managing their workforce effectively.

With teams stationed across multiple locations, the intricacies of scheduling shifts and accurately tracking employee hours become paramount for maintaining payroll efficiency and operational effectiveness.

In order to support its growth trajectory, Kerrigans requires a robust Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to streamline the recruitment process and seamlessly onboard new team members.

Moreover, the need for centralised employee information management was evident, ensuring compliance with evolving HR regulations and standards. Kerrigans was committed to finding a comprehensive solution that not only optimised their entire workforce operations and kept their employees engaged, but also a platform that could scale and grow with them. 

Where We Came In

Our role in delivering a world-class platform for an award-winning business.

The management of the multi-site workforce was needlessly intricate and more time-consuming than it needed to be. Our solution enabled seamless shift scheduling and accurate time tracking across all locations, ensuring payroll efficiency and operational smoothness.

With HR Duo's robust Applicant Tracking System, Kerrigans simplified their recruitment process from job posting to candidate selection. The platform facilitated seamless onboarding, allowing Kerrigans to welcome new team members with ease and efficiency.

Our platform offered Kerrigans a secure repository for employee information, ensuring compliance with evolving HR regulations. From HR policies to document storage, Kerrigans found a comprehensive solution that grew alongside their business.

Our Services

Kerrigans Butchers benefited from many of our platform features and services, including:

Workforce Management

Workforce Management Tools

A full suite of tools such as time and attendance management, shift scheduling software, and staff performance information.

Day-to-day Support

Reassurance with expert advice on employment law and workforce processes through our in-platform HR support tickets.

Mobile App

Our mobile app gives the business an intuitive way for their employees to access everything they need, including a way to clock-in to shifts.

Preliminary Payroll and Cost Control

Consolidating time-related activities through one platform meant a seamless integration with payroll for precise workforce calculations.

HR Compliant Templates

Access to an extensive library of policies, documents and letters to keep the business in alignment with the latest compliance standards.

“HR Duo is more than just a platform. From helping with recruitment to providing up-to-date policies, it's like having your very own in-house HR Manager. ”

Barry Kerrigan
Managing Director, Kerrigans Butchers

The Real Value

The outcomes of using an all-in-one HR and Workforce Management platform. A service that pays for itself, many times over: 
  • realtime Real-time Data With HR Duo integrated, Kerrigans Butchers can access real-time business insights, up-to-the-minute shift schedules, and a streamlined payroll export that saves them substantial time.
  • compliance Compliance & Cost-Saving Confidence Navigating compliance is eased with HR Duo. The partnership offers expert support for nuanced staffing decisions and dilemmas, fortifying decisions with accurate data.

    Beyond operational cost-saving advantages, HR Duo diligently prevents employment disputes and investigations, so businesses can circumvent considerable financial setbacks.
  • freedom Unleashing Growth Ambitions By optimising workforce management, boosting employee engagement and productivity, and ensuring seamless compliance and risk management, we're reshaping businesses like Kerrigans. Managers can finally unlock their full potential, embracing growth and innovation every step of the way.

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