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Manna Drone Delivery Takes Off with HR Excellence in Tow

Manna Drone Delivery, a pioneering force in lightning-fast suburban deliveries, entrusted HR Duo to streamline their HR and workforce management processes. 

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Manna Drone Delivery

Manna Drone Delivery epitomises innovation in logistics, pioneering a new era of lightning-fast suburban deliveries. With a mission deeply rooted in improving the world, Manna's fleet of all-electric drones represents the convergence of cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices. 

Having conducted over 150,000 successful delivery flights across Europe, Manna has earned the highest regulatory approvals granted to any drone delivery company in the region.

At the heart of Manna's operations lies a commitment to efficiency, sustainability, and safety. Customers experience the unparalleled convenience of receiving their orders within an astonishing average of 3 minutes, granting them newfound freedom, time, and peace of mind. Manna's drone-based delivery model not only reduces traffic congestion but also significantly diminishes environmental impact, with zero-emission flights contributing to a cleaner, greener future.

Operating initially in Ireland and the US, Manna Drone Delivery's ambitions know no bounds as they set their sights on global expansion. As they navigate the complexities of scaling operations, Manna sought a robust HR and workforce management solution that mirrored their forward-thinking approach. In HR Duo, they found a partner capable of elevating their HR processes to match the sophistication of their drone technology.


Company Manna Drone Delivery
Location Ireland & USA
Industry Logistics & Technology

Explore this case study if:
  • You're looking to optimise your HR processes while reducing costs
  • You're interested in enhancing employee engagement and performance across your company
  • You want to prioritise compliance and regulatory adherence in your HR practices
  • You want an innovative solution for your HR practices and workforce management processes

Challenges Faced

Expanding operations across the US and Ireland, Manna Drone Delivery faced a multitude of HR and workforce management challenges inherent to their forward-thinking and innovative industry. 

As a trailblazer in drone-based delivery services, Manna recognised the importance of maintaining regulatory compliance while nurturing a culture of efficiency and excellence. With plans for global expansion, they needed a robust HR and workforce management solution to automate and simplify the complexities of scaling operations across diverse geographic regions.

In addition to regulatory compliance, Manna encountered challenges related to optimising employee performance management processes, managing diverse workforce needs, and ensuring seamless collaboration across distributed teams. With a commitment to sustainability and safety at the core of their operations, Manna sought a solution that would not only streamline HR processes but also align with their company ethos and values.

Where We Came In

HR Duo is an innovative HRMS solution designed to meet the evolving needs of forward-thinking organisations like Manna Drone Delivery.

With HR Duo's comprehensive suite of features and intuitive interface, HR Duo provided Manna with the tools they needed to overcome their HR challenges and achieve operational excellence.

HR Duo's support extended beyond mere software functionality. As Manna embarked on their journey of growth and expansion, HR Duo served as a strategic partner, offering guidance, expertise, and unparalleled customer support every step of the way. From implementing best practices in employee onboarding to optimising workforce scheduling and performance management, HR Duo empowered Manna to focus on what they do best – revolutionising the future of delivery services.

Through a collaborative partnership and a shared commitment to innovation, HR Duo and Manna Drone Delivery forged a symbiotic relationship built on trust, reliability, and mutual success. Together, we exemplified the transformative power of technology and human expertise in driving organisational growth, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Our Services

Manna Drone Delivery benefited from many of our platform features and services, including:

Workforce Management

Workforce Management Tools

A full suite of tools such as shift scheduling software, employee performance management and an applicant tracking system.

Day-to-day Support

Reassurance with expert advice on employment law and workforce processes through our in-platform HR support tickets.

Mobile App

Our mobile app gives the business an intuitive way for their employees to access everything they need.

User-Friendly Interface

Empowering both line managers and staff with an intuitive platform that's easy to use and simple to navigate.

HR Compliant Templates

Manna relied on HR Duo's meticulously crafted HR compliant templates to ensure adherence to employment laws and regulations.

"Beyond the invaluable ongoing HR support, what truly impressed us about HR Duo is its embedded compliance feature. With instant access to policies and procedures, it affords us complete peace of mind from a legal standpoint."

Shauna Hinkson
HR Business Partner

The Real Value

The outcomes of using an all-in-one HR and Workforce Management platform. A service that pays for itself, many times over: 
  • realtime Increased Efficiency and Productivity Manna experienced streamlined HR operations, from employee onboarding to performance management, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.
  • compliance Enhanced Compliance and Safety With HR Duo's support, Manna Drone Delivery achieved heightened compliance with employment laws and regulations, mitigating legal risks and ensuring a well-regulated workforce environment.
  • Cost Cost Saving By automating tedious HR tasks and accessing on-demand HR expertise, Manna Drone Delivery witnessed significant cost savings, affirming HR Duo's value as an investment that pays for itself many times over.

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