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Transforming HR in Hospitality

Find out how The Huntsman Inn streamlined its HR and Workforce Management processes using HR Duo's platform and services to create a recipe for success.


The Huntsman Inn

Nestled on the outskirts of a city centre, 
The Huntsman Inn is more than just a venue - it’s a vibrant hospitality hub teeming with life.

With three bustling bars, an inviting restaurant, and a collection of cosy hotel rooms, it's the epitome of hospitality, welcoming a diverse array of patrons through its doors.

From wandering salespeople to curious tourists and celebratory revellers, The Huntsman Inn embraces them all with open arms, embodying the spirit of inclusivity and warmth.

This dynamic establishment isn't just a place to grab a drink or a bite to eat; it's a lively destination where live music fills the air, football matches pulse with excitement, and quiz nights spark intellectual curiosity. It's a gathering place for the local golf society and a stage for countless other engaging events.


Company The Huntsman Inn
Location Galway, Ireland
Industry Hospitality

Explore this case study if:
  • You have a large diverse team that requires lots of complex shift scheduling and time-tracking
  • You’re currently running your HR processes in a paper or spreadsheet format 
  • Your HR and payroll calculations currently too much manual admin

What Was Needed

As the owner of a large and busy bar, restaurant and hotel, Stephen Francis was facing many HR and workforce management challenges, typical of his sector.

Stephen sought better visibility of staff time and costs, aiming to streamline rotas and staff scheduling at The Huntsman Inn. He wanted a centralised hub to store employee data, and certifications, and to automate tasks such as holiday requests and managing new starters, all while ensuring compliance with the hospitality sector's regulations.

The time and effort required to manage these responsibilities using traditional methods were substantial, prompting him to ponder the potential for more strategic investments.

Stephen, a savvy business owner, understood that compromising on how he managed his employees and his HR processes simply wasn't an option. He recognised the risks inherent in overlooking critical aspects such as efficient onboarding, accessing employment documentation, and implementing well-defined policies and procedures.

Where We Came In

Our role in improving The Huntsman Inn’s HR and Workforce Management practices. 

In a practical sense, it was clear that there was plenty of room for improvement. Many crucial HR processes and documents had fallen behind the pace of the business's growth, failing to serve its evolving needs.

The management of the large workforce was needlessly intricate and more time-consuming than it needed to be. The challenge was evident:

  • Staff information was in cumbersome paper formats
  • Staff scheduling was entrusted to unwieldy spreadsheets
  • The absence of a time-tracking system added to the complexities 
  • No processes for HR risk assurance or best practices were in place

Immersing ourselves fully in the challenges of the business, we embarked on a mission to create and maintain HR risk assurance and establish a foundation of best practices for managing the diverse workforce. Our strategic interventions not only shielded the business from potential pitfalls but also positioned it as a trailblazer for employment practices in the industry.

Our Services

The Huntsman Inn benefited from many of our platform features and services, including:

Workforce Management

Workforce Management Tools

A full suite of tools such as time and attendance management, shift scheduling software, and staff performance information.

Day-to-day Support

Reassurance with expert advice on employment law and workforce processes through our in-platform HR support tickets.

Mobile App

Our mobile app gives the business an intuitive way for their employees to access everything they need, including a way to clock-in to shifts.

Preliminary Payroll and Cost Control

Consolidating time-related activities through one platform meant a seamless integration with payroll for precise workforce calculations.

HR Compliant Templates

Access to an extensive library of policies, documents and letters to keep the business in alignment with the latest compliance standards.

“The new structure and automation of processes gives us the opportunity to spend more time focusing on the bigger picture.”

Stephen Francis
Owner, The Huntsmann Inn

The Real Value

The outcomes of using an all-in-one HR and Workforce Management platform. A service that pays for itself, many times over: 
  • realtime Real-time Data With HR Duo integrated, The Huntsman Inn can access real-time business insights, up-to-the-minute shift schedules, and a streamlined payroll export that saves them substantial time.
  • compliance Compliance & Cost-Saving Confidence Navigating compliance is eased with HR Duo. The partnership offers expert support for nuanced staffing decisions and dilemmas, fortifying decisions with accurate data.

    Beyond operational cost-saving advantages, HR Duo diligently prevents employment disputes and investigations, so businesses can circumvent considerable financial setbacks.
  • freedom Unleashing Growth Ambitions By optimising workforce management, boosting employee engagement and productivity, and ensuring seamless compliance and risk management, we're reshaping the competitive landscape of the hospitality industry. Businesses can finally unlock their full potential, embracing growth and innovation every step of the way.

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