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How Joiners and Leavers Can Boost Staff Retention

Level up your retention strategy with our actionable insights. 

Access our free on-demand webinar with HR Duo's Employee Relations Manager, Hilary Fray-Andrew, as she explores the opportunities joiners and leavers can create to amp up staff retention.

Discover what retention truly means, why it's vital for employers and the strategies you can implement to keep employees thriving in your organisation. From maximising the probation period to streamlining the leaving process, we've got you covered.

This particular session reflects legislation covering UK-based employees.

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Our dynamic duo of HR know-how and smart technology delivers up to 80% of your HR needs, automating tedious tasks that sap away your time.

We design, write and automate policies and processes, locking and loading them into you tailored platform for the most complete HR solution out there.

Most of your HR processes and compliance requirements vanish with a few taps of the keyboard – giving you the chance to get on with the best of your day.

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