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Simplifying HR for Everyone

We're the only platform right now that expertly handles your HR processes and workforce management like it's a walk in the park. Two for the price of one? That's just the Duo way.

Focus on growth, we'll handle the rest.

For businesses without dedicated HR managers, navigating HR processes and workforce management tasks can be daunting and time-consuming. With HR Duo, you'll be fully compliant and free to focus on strategic initiatives; confidently leading your business to success.

Applicant Tracking System
Performance Management
HR Compliant Templates
Workforce Management Suite
Employee Relations Advice

Automate tedious tasks and improve your processes.

We offer a comprehensive workforce management solution, integrating smart HR tools with streamlined software to control labour costs, optimise productivity, and ensure compliance.

Time Tracking Management
Shift Scheduling
Analytics for Workforce Performance
Sub-Contractor Management
Easy-to-use Mobile App

HR automation, for HR professionals.

As HR professionals ourselves, we know the role of an HR Manager is vital, but often fraught with administrative complexities. HR Duo steps in as your trusted partner, simplifying every facet of your day-to-day HR operations.

Applicant Tracking and Onboarding
HR Compliant Templates
Performance Management
Employee Profiles
Employee Assistance Programme

Making managing your teams easy. 

HR Duo gives you the ability to manage your workforce, even without HR expertise. We bring together the best HR knowledge and employee management tech for a solution that just makes sense.

Track Employee Time
Create Shift Schedules
Manage Accurate Payments
Full Workforce Visibility
Decision-Making with Data and Analytics
Performance Management Tools
HR Support Documents and Templates

Business Managers

Operations Managers

HR Professionals

Everyone Else

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