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New On-the-Spot Fines: How to Prepare for a WRC Inspection

Assessing compliance with legislation, companies found to be non-compliant can receive on-the-spot fines, issued per breach as fixed payment notices.

This essential webinar will equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to prepare for and manage WRC inspections effectively, ensuring your business remains compliant and ahead of regulatory challenges.


About the webinar

Employers in Ireland are required to maintain employment records for three years, readily available for inspection by the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC).  WRC inspections assess compliance with legislation, including the National Minimum Wage, working time, rest periods, and employment permits.

This webinar will guide you through the essentials of preparing for an inspection, from understanding the process to implementing best practices for maintaining compliance. Gain valuable insights and practical strategies to navigate WRC inspections confidently.


Gain insights into how WRC inspections are conducted, including the scope, duration, and potential outcomes.


Know the key documents and records you need to maintain to demonstrate compliance with employment laws.


Explore proactive strategies for ensuring compliance with WRC requirements, including policies, procedures, and employee training initiatives.


Receive guidance on how to navigate legal challenges that may arise during a WRC inspection, including understanding your rights and obligations as an employer.