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The HR Compliance Checklist

At HR Duo, we understand the importance of ensuring legal adherence and excellence in all matters concerning your employees. This invaluable free resource covers a range of essential topics, including:

  • Recruitment, selection and the legislative requirements for employee record keeping 
  • HR Data Protection and GDPR Compliance
  • Performance Management, Training and Staff Development 
  • The Policies and Procedures you should have in place to elevate your workplace

Tap in to our industry know-how


Look. We Get It.

We built HR Duo with small to medium-sized businesses at the top of our minds, whether or not they have a dedicated HR department. Our plug-and-play HR technology is built by some of the finest HR minds around, which you can also tap into through our unique know-how services.

Why HR Duo is the Unbeatable Choice

Here are a few standout reasons why HR Duo reigns supreme over competitors and alternative HR management systems. 
HR Proceeses

Streamline Your HR Processes

From attracting new talent to managing the entire employee lifecycle; our platform simplifies and accelerates your HR processes like never before.

HR Know-How

Unmatched HR Expertise

Access the collective knowledge base of some of the leading HR minds in the industry, and benefit from expertise, guidance, and best practices.


Tailored for Your Business

Specifically designed for small to medium businesses with 50-500 employees, our platform offers the scalability and flexibility you need to adapt and grow.


Simplify Administrative Tasks

Effortlessly handle leave management, track employee records, and perform essential HR administrative duties - all in one place.


Compliance & Risk Management

Our system ensures you remain up to date with the latest legal requirements, minimising the risks associated with non-compliance. 

Talent Acquisition

Supercharge Your Talent Acquisition

Find and keep top talent by streamlining your hiring process, from creating engaging job postings to managing interviews and onboarding new staff. 

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