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How Joiners and Leavers Can Boost Staff Retention


Finding the perfect fit for your team is essential for long-term success and this insightful session is packed with valuable strategies to keep your A-team intact - with expert tips on how to attract the right people from the get-go. 

Led by HR Duo's Employee Relations Manager, Hilary Fray-Andrew, this particular session reflects legislation covering UK based employees.


About the webinar

In this session tailored to UK-based employers, we'll delve into the crucial aspects of employee retention and talent acquisition.

Discover why retaining your top talent is paramount for sustained success and explore effective strategies to attract and retain the best fit for your team from day one. Gain insights into navigating probationary periods, understanding employment rights, and implementing smooth transitions when staff depart.
What we'll cover:


Why retention matters and the strategies you can use to improve it


How you find the right people in the first instance and get them to stay


Best practices around probationary periods


Employment rights during the probationary periods


Practical implications of staff leaving and how to ensure a smooth transition


How to conduct productive and informative exit interviews