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How time, attendance and rostering should be done

Tracking time — and, what’s more, understanding how staff use it — can be the difference between success and failure for SMEs. It’s never been more important since the advent of remote working, which can be a bit of a challenge for HR teams to manage well.

We believe the best solutions are the ones that are simple to use and understand. Ours is specifically designed to streamline time, attendance, and the rostering and rota management process. It makes for more efficient businesses and frees up time to get on with the best of your day.


Never lose track of time again

We make confirming and approving time a breeze, so pay is always accurately calculated, and you know what every employee costs. You can digitally create rosters and rotas for any employee on the system. Not only that, HR Duo’s HRMS automatically emails employees with planned shifts. That means they can highlight times or days in real-time when they aren’t available to work or easily swap shifts with colleagues. Better for everyone, eh? And you might be surprised just how many features come included:

  • Clock-in facility through dedicated mobile apps, including physical devices onsite
  • Manage a diverse workforce across multiple locations
  • Automated time-card and management authorisation process
  • Digital roster/rota platform with, shift management functionality
  • Preliminary payroll process
  • Ability to swap shifts, repeat shifts, via drag and drop functionality
  • For the hospitality sector there is a native integration with Tenzo
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Did you know?

For organisations that want to specifically log time against specific work, HR Duo has a flexible project tracking system “TeamDuo”. This functionality is key for managers who lack visibility of time spent in their business and need to better understand their people costs on a day to day, hour to hour basis.

Our leading HRMS includes a dedicated time tracker that can be used on desktop and mobile applications, courtesy of the HR Duo app