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Our features seamlessly integrate within our robust platform, eliminating the necessity for complex third-party integrations and multiple stacks.

Have a soft spot for a specific tool? No problem. We already integrate with several top-tier companies, expanding your tech arsenal and unlocking even greater potential, all from one handy hub.  
HR Duo Tech Stack Integrations


A unified solution like nothing you've seen before

Implementing complex integrations and managing multiple stacks can be resource-intensive in terms of your time, money, and manpower. Our vast offering of built-in features helps to reduce the need for additional development work and ongoing maintenance, resulting in cost savings in the long run.

Our built-in features work more efficiently together since they are designed to complement each other seamlessly. This reduces the risk of compatibility issues and ensures optimal performance for your HR and Workforce management processes. 

Applicant Tracking System

Time Tracking & Scheduling

Benefits Administration

Performance Management

HR Duo Tech Stack Built In

Plans & Pricing

We offer game-changing plans tailored to your specific requirements. You'll only pay for the features you need, ensuring you get the most value out of our platform.


Our HR Duo Core plan provides all the essential tools you need to manage your workforce efficiently. 

  • Employee Profiles
  • Time Off & Leave Management
  • Smart Contracts (E-Signatures)
  • Employee Assistance Programme
  • Reporting & Analysis
  • Document Storage
  • HR Policies
  • Skills Register
  • HR Compliant Templates
  • Mobile App
  • Instant Messaging
  • Benefit Recording
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Organisation Charts
  • Permission Groups
  • Equipment Management
  • Knowledge Centre
  • HR Tasks
  • Integrations & Open API
  • Platform Support
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Elevate your HR capabilities when you upgrade to HR Duo Pro, with additional HR functionalities.

  • All HR Duo Core Features
  • Applicant Tracking System
  • Performance Management
  • 360 Reviews
  • 1 on 1s
  • Performance Improvement Plans
  • HR Letters
  • HR Support Tickets


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Our dynamic duo of world-class HR tools and smart Workforce Management technology delivers up to 80% of your day-to-day needs, automating the tedious tasks that sap away your time.

User-friendly features that simplify your daily processes

Bespoke pricing and plans with the flexibility to grow

Designed for modern-day growing businesses

Perfect for industries with a diverse workforce

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